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Electromagnetic dryer heater drum on paper machine has been very good applicatio

First peak electromagnetic heater and old customers call custom electromagnetic heater used in roller on the paper machine.

Dongguan first peak why electromagnetic heater energy-saving electric equipment Electromagnetic heater on the plastic mechanical energy saving 30% 70% is how to? More than 1. Compared with the resistance heating, electromagnetic heater with a layer of insulation, heat energy utilization rate increase. 2. Compared with the resistance heating, electromagnetic heater directly ACTS on the feed tube heating, to reduce the heat transfer heat loss. 3. Compared with the resistance heating, electromagnetic heater heating faster more than a quarter, reduce the heating time. 4. Compared with resistance heating, electromagnetic heater heating speed, production efficiency is raised, let the motor in a saturated state, make its reduced, high power electric energy loss caused by the low demand. Traditional heating industry, widely used resistance wire and quartz heating mode, and the traditional heating mode, its thermal efficiency is bottom, resistance wire and quartz are mostly by electricity, its heat and then on the heat transfer to the cylinder, thereby the effect of heating items, the heating effect of the highest heat utilization is only 50%, other 50% or so of all heat into the air, all the traditional way of resistance wire heating power losses as high as 50% above. By electromagnetic induction heating, magnetic fields generated by current, make the iron hot metal pipe itself, plus heat insulation material, to prevent the pipe heat loss, thermal efficiency is as high as 95% above, can reach more than 50% of energy saving effect between theory, considering the different quality of electromagnetic induction heating controller of energy conversion efficiency is not the same, and different production equipment and the environment, all electromagnetic heating energy-saving effect generally can reach at least 30%, the highest can reach 70%. Dongguan first peak electric equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged in electromagnetic heating technology (electromagnetic heater, electromagnetic heating panel, electromagnetic induction heating coil) research, development and application of high and new technology enterprise, with complete independent core technology and several national patents. With scientific research, development and production base, has formed a complete product system. Companies pay attention to the introduction of high-tech talent and related authoritative experts, after years of unremitting efforts, has developed a electromagnetic induction heating equipment with international advanced technology level, for the popularization of electromagnetic induction energy-saving equipment laid a solid foundation. Electromagnetic induction heating technology can be widely used in plastic machinery (such as: blown film machine, drawing machine, injection molding machine, granulating machine, vulcanizing machine), food machinery, heating crude oil transportation, chemical machinery and other heating in the industry. Electromagnetic induction heating equipment for its simple operation, easy to use, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, energy saving effect is remarkable, save electricity by 50% ~ 50%), become the terminator of traditional heating equipment. Dongguan first peak electric equipment adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, excellent quality" tenet, solemnly promise the whole ten years life, one year free maintenance, life-long maintenance. Believe in your care and support, have our tireless efforts, dongguan first peak electric equipment will enter the brilliant future together with you.

| Date:2016-05-24