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Blown film mechanical and electrical magnetic energy saving transformation

Blown film machine is melted and blow into a plastic particles heating film.

Film blowing machine and a lot of kinds, there is PE, POF, PVC and so on.

Blow out the new particle is a new material, colour and lustre are, according to clean, good tensile bag.

Also somebody made from recycled plastic bags to the particle, the particle generally called the old material, made of particles is usually gray, usually to add pigment, when it made the bag made from bags to uneven color, brittle and break easily, the price is low.

Although is recycling plastic bags are generally in the process of bag making waste bags and usually in the sense of waste plastic has the very big difference.

Blown film mechanical and electrical magnetic heater performance characteristics

Plastic mechanical energy conservation province electricity technology revolution

Power saving effect can reach 30% ~ 75%

To improve the quality of the products, improve production efficiency

Good environmental protection effect, and significantly lower production workshop environment temperature

Completely avoid the traditional heating mode of unsafe factors

Cost-effective, fast and convenient maintenance

| Date:2016-05-24