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Electromagnetic heating coil how to make? What are the requirements? Should pay

Electromagnetic heating coil how to make? What are the requirements? Should pay attention to what matters?

Want to know how to make electromagnetic heating coil, first of all to understand two important parameters of coil: namely, cross-sectional area and inductance. Cross-sectional area is to determine how much current. The greater the power, the greater the cross-sectional area, whereas the less. In general, from the machine, the lower the inductance working frequency is higher. Power will also earn the higher. Vice will be lower. Guangdong dongguan electronic electromagnetic heating products 2-60 kw choice coil parameter list as follows:

All kinds of auxiliary coil electromagnetic heating power digital controller parameters reference value

Determine the power size, then the coil parameters from the above table, and then determine the shape, size, the size of the heating load for production. Gun barrel, such as heating plastic machinery equipment, remove the original coil, on the outside of the gun barrel around a layer of 20 to 25 mm thick insulation cotton, with a high temperature sheet. Note: its not too tight!!!!!! Otherwise the heat preservation effect is not good. To control the thickness of the insulation cotton, if too thick insulation cotton will affect the normal work of the electromagnetic heater, can cause overheating protection, over-current protection or too thin, power will be small, can not meet the power rating. Need beautiful, again with a layer of 0.3 mm epoxy plate coating on the outside (no need to also can, of course). After heat preservation cotton wrap can coil out bread. From the above-mentioned coil is selected. For the first time by a long round. If the coil gun barrel are short, close to the circle. Around the end. If I had a long gun barrel can be loosely around, in general, interval between each lap is not greater than the diameter of the coil itself. Too loose. Can lead to machine don't work properly! According to the length of the gun barrel can estimate of the coil winding. Can also be tight around the first laps, and then every 30-50 mm or so, and tight around in circles, and the methods of about 30-50 mm to circle, to balance the heating temperature of the gun barrel. After the coil production, lead to the length of the reserved for 2-3 meters (i.e., electromagnetic heating controller and the distance of the coil). Not too long, too long, to cause a decline in the power and thermal efficiency as well as the damage to the machine.

2, how to choose the electromagnetic heater power size?

Similar machines used in injection molding machine, drawing machine, usually need to consider the five original parameters: first, the diameter of the gun barrel. Second, the length of the gun barrel. Third, the heating temperature range (that is, the temperature measurement points) how many. Fourth, the temperature range of each length. Fifth, the temperature range of each power size. Put it out every temperature zone, and then determine the temperature range of each power down, according to the length of each temperature area, and then with reference to the above-mentioned see the length of the coil determines the size power. If the gun barrel short power is large, we can use half bridge controller, if it's a rather long gun barrel power and relatively small, we can use the three-phase kw, 5 kw or 8 similar machines used in injection molding machine, wire drawing machine when power can choose for the original power of 60-70%. When the power is larger, such as granulator, often can choose according to the size of the screw to power size. According to the user experience, general screw 40 kw controller USES a single 125 mm; Using a single screw 150 mm 50 kw controller or double 30 kw controller; When the screw is greater than 160 mm, generally can use 50 kw, 30 kw and 40 kw to combination, depending on the length of the gun barrel and the heating temperature and the rate to calculate. Granulator similar models, usually selected power can and original power when phase or greater than 90% of the original power, to ensure the normal order of the discharge and the energy saving effect.

3, and the size of the electromagnetic heating power is how to calculate?

A lot of friends on electric power calculation is still not clear, thought the current by voltage is power, actually otherwise. To see is a three-phase or single phase working conditions. For single phase, the voltage of 220 v, so power * = voltage current (P = U * I). Formula, U shall generally be 220 v, this is the ideal value, often voltage instability in the factory. So, should will be subject to the voltage measurement. For three-phase power voltage of 380 v in the country, namely every two phase voltage is the voltage between 380 v, when the three are working at the same time, there are three ways of computing power: first, power = 220 * current * 3, formula, because 220 is single phase voltage, single-phase voltage can be understood as three jobs at the same time. Second, the * current * root three phase voltage power = (P = 380 * 1.732). The second method is commonly used in computing. Third, if the user use the simplest way to directly measure the current, with a current / 1.5. The power are obtained.

4, and the size of the heat water need power, how to calculate?

In some occasions, the user consulting to boil water, for example, application of high-power multiple choice. Should be calculated by the following methods:

When burned 100 kilograms of water, heat from room temperature to 100 degrees in 1 hour needed power is: (100 * 4200 * (100-25)) / 3600 = 8.75 KW. Formula: 4200 for the heat capacity of the water, is 4200 / kg, 25 is the normal temperature, so 100-25 is the temperature of 75 degrees. 3600 is the second, which is 1 hour.

When burning 1 tons of water, heat from room temperature to 100 degrees in 1 hour needed power is: (1000 * 4200 * (100-25)) / 3600 = 87.5 KW, when asked twice time, power is divided by 2. And so on.

5, the electromagnetic heater installed found that the temperature is always short of how to deal with?

1), when for injection molding machine similar small power, some machines after installing electromagnetic heater temperature is always a little. When the power is greater in the original or so. Always confusing sometimes, most is not the reason to install small power, this is because the original PID temperature controller outputs in the machine operation method, start signal is very short, electromagnetic heater have had time to work, is broken again. So most of the time to deal with electromagnetic heater to stop state, no heating. Then we can adjust the disconnection of the delay time, to meet the temperature requirements. Methods in detail please look at the instructions (F - 03 function), regulation of 8 to 15 s. Hammer of 0 s, note that regulation is not too large. Otherwise it may overtemperature!!!!!!

2), when the granulator similar power installation electromagnetic heater, temperature is always short. Electromagnetic heater has been working, the current is normal, but the temperature is always couldn't get on. In general, is the power is not big enough. Can increase the actual power to achieve. If to determine actual big power, this is caused by the gun barrel of the material, when the working frequency of different materials in different absorption heat is also different. Should try to increase the resonant capacitance, let the Q value increase, improve the high frequency current coil. Can make the gun barrel inside and outside temperature even to raise the temperature of gun barrel. Conditions allow words, you can try a change of gun barrel.

6 found after installation, the electromagnetic heater temperature overtemperature how to deal with?

Phenomenon that most of the injection molding machine, injection molding machine number of electromagnetic heater installation is more, interference is more serious, sometimes found jumping about temperature display, temperature instability, several methods can be used to try: first, the thermocouple connectors at both ends can be eliminated and a 102 p ceramics capacitors in the high frequency interference. Second, check the gun barrel grounding are in good condition? Try to gun barrel ground handling. Third, the coil can be far away from the thermocouple, reduce the interference. Fourth, try the thermocouple with high temperature cloth encase, let it do not contact with the gun barrel. Fifth, try to put on a new thermocouple. Sixth, try the computer injection molding machine control center to add a Pai type filter, reducing the power interference.

| Date:2016-05-24