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Electromagnetic heating in the heat conduction oil heating

Electromagnetic heating energy saving is a very mature technology, has been used in medicine and chemical industry, plastic machinery, oil pipe, heating fields such as metallurgy, vulcanization energy saving renovation of mechanical and electrical magnetic heating can save 30 ~ 60% of its electricity.

Winter due to the low temperature field, or because of high wax content in oil, the pipes frozen wall easily. The traditional way is to burn, both in violation of the production area banned fire safety rules, fire accidents extremely easily, vulcanization of mechanical and electronic magnetic heating energy saving transformation, and destroyed the original thermal insulation layer. So big workload, time is long. Energy saving of high frequency electromagnetic heater field lines can be through the heat preservation material such as asbestos, fiber cloth, rapidly, in the way of induction electromagnetic heating metal pipe blockage.

Electromagnetic heating is controlled by high frequency generator 50 hz alternating current into 20 KHZ to 30 KHZ high frequency alternating current, energy saving renovation of vulcanization of mechanical and electronic magnetic heating by electromagnetic heating inductor is converted into a high frequency alternating magnetic field, the high frequency alternating magnetic field lines of magnetic force function to the metal tube of volute flow path, thus rapid heating metal pipe.

Electromagnetic heating is suitable for oil field all carbon steel pipeline blockage, energy-saving heating oil well pipe drill shoulder electromagnetic heating, wellhead valves electromagnetic heating thawing of energy conservation, oil tank drain energy conservation electromagnetic heating thawing, energy-saving electromagnetic heating dryer drain blockage.

The performance characteristics of electromagnetic heating applied in oil and gas fields:

1) high thermal efficiency, energy saving electromagnetic heater on 20 seconds can make the national standard metal pipe temperature is above 100 ℃.

2) does not destroy pipeline insulation: because it is energy saving electromagnetic induction heating, the lines of magnetic force can quickly penetrate heat preservation material.

3) high safety: due to the adoption of the state environmental protection administration is the safety and energy saving electromagnetic heating frequency range, so has no effect on the human body, in addition, the energy saving renovation of vulcanization of mechanical and electronic magnetic heating because of electromagnetic heating is contact, there is no leakage and other safety concerns and the possibility of a high temperature.

4) convenient operation: after turning on the power supply just sensor near electromagnetic heating metal pipe heating can achieve broken down; Energy conservation electromagnetic heating inductor for the flexible design, suitable for different shapes of metal pipe energy-saving electromagnetic heating, sulfide mechanical and electrical magnetic heating energy-saving renovation.

| Date:2016-05-24