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Energy-saving reconstruct large granulator application engineering

Pelleting machine electromagnetic heater heating duration and the following factors:

First: and heating temperature, the higher the temperature, heating time is longer.

Second: and the output of production, production is large, then heating time will grow some.

Third: related to the temperature of the environment, the environment temperature is very low, so the heating time is longer.

Fourth: the size and power, power small heating speed will slowly, big power heating speed will be faster. If you can, can choose a slightly larger power, because the greater the power, the faster the heating, so will soon reach the preset temperature, after reaching the temperature insulation work, pelleting machine electromagnetic heater at this time no longer heating, also won't electricity.

How to see the stand or fall of pelleting machine electromagnetic heater? To judge from which several aspects to test its good or bad?

First to see the appearance of the electromagnetic heater whether level off, the presence of concave and convex or tilted, when the choice must ensure that the electromagnetic heater appearance atmosphere; Look at the internal structure arrangement is neat.

Pelleting machine electromagnetic heater in addition to the advantage in reliability, thermal efficiency, its outstanding characteristic is electromagnetic heater element and electric equipment form a and cooling completely separate electrical box, and the circuit and the induction heating coil with pulse power output transformer and the resonant capacitance between the two double electrical insulation and isolation. One thousand electromagnetic heating coil accidentally broken, because the resonant capacitor, pulse power output transformer isolation and insulation, personnel to get an electric shock accident will not occur. Of these open questions, the first consideration is the use of pulsed power output transformer, making a machine with multiple heart induction heating coil possible and relatively easy to implement.

| Date:2016-05-24